Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's too late

Apparently for every hour you are awake after midnight your body needs two hours of sleep to compensate. I am thinking I am going to be asleep really late tomorrow.

I decided to reactivate this blog honestly because I was jealous that C has one and I do not. I do not have any idea who is going to read this, why they would, or where I'm going with this whole adventure but we shall see what happens. Speaking of C, she has one amazing family that lets me bug them for hours on end every once in a while (I think every married couple needs that one single gal that hangs around) any-who tonight was one of those nights. I hopped over to their house after hanging with my large, loud, lovely family and making canaloni which shall be blogged about later, I'm sure. After her children were asleep C, Her Husband, D, CW and I all played an intense game of scrabble. It was so much fun. I for once got second place. CW, he beat me, what a stinker.

Anyway after that CW left (leave while you're ahead, right?) and C and I continued to have a lovely conversation while D scoured the internets for amazing deals (he is awesome at finding deals on things, it's a quirk that I plan on taking advantage of in the near future) and playing fake poker. All three of us sitting at their green round table, C and I eating the canaloni that my family and I made for new years talking about gluten bonds forming through kneeding bread and the fit of designer jeans as well as her son, E and daughter C, and how adorable they are. It was over all a great night, I would score it a ten of ten.