Monday, March 22, 2010

Hard Work Truly Does Pay Off

Okay so I won't do many of these posts bragging about my weight loss, but I have truly lost half of the weight that I wanted to lose. I am so happy and cannot wait until I have lost it all. I have been working hard for about seven weeks and lost about a pound a week.

About a year and a half ago I started losing weight by eating right and lost about 40 lbs. this is a picture of me at my heaviest:

This is the most recent picture of me that I could find (I picked one of my face because that is what is most prominent in the other photo). This is from a hike with a bunch of friends on a day when I was prepared for an afternoon of wine tasting hence me being dressed up:

To sum up: I'm so happy with the way that I look now. I have about 7 to 10 more pounds to go, but once I get there I'll probably want to lost more, haha. I am so blessed to have the support, love and encouragement that I need to get back to being healthy.

Thank you to everyone who has helped, loved and supported me!

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B-Rob said...

That's super cool that you're reaching your goal! I think you're beautiful the way you are but that's just me =p
Good luck with the rest of your goal and God bless!