Sunday, March 14, 2010

Inner Monologue

Yep, this post is going to be about how my brain works. Well not the biological/anatomical part but the part about how I think and where my mind goes at 12:15 at night or any time is the day for that matter.

Bottom line: I think way too much.

The awful part is that it is not about anything important or something that needs my attention right then. Just three minutes ago I was thinking about how computer chips are made because I was thinking about how in about 20 minutes it is going to be daylight savings so we are going to miss the entire 2:00 hour so I am going to have to change all the clocks so that I am not late for church in the morning. I started thinking about how so many people do not use analog clocks and it's all about digital and for the most part the digital clocks are programed to change for you (cell phones in particular). I thought 'in the future nobody is going to have to remember that it is daylight savings time because either it won't exist anymore because it's kind of ridiculous or we will all have programmed out cell phones for the alarms and the phones switch automatically which we won't have to worry about ever again. Then I thought that the only one who is going to have to remember when daylight savings time was would be the man (or lady) who programs the computer chips in the phones. It's exhaustive listening to my thoughts all day and still I can't sleep.

I thought all of that paragraph in about 45 seconds. I'm a freak but I've come to enjoy it.

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