Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh Berkeley.

In my deep sea dive to find out more about the beautiful city of Berkeley I have come up dry. I am unable to find any meaty information on the great inside secrets and hot spots in this alluring town. Therefore I have set out to scour the streets, get dirty, clean up then write about these types of things.

You may ask yourself why am this twenty-something lady who has yet to live in Berkeley is scraping at the bottom of the barrel in book stores and reading as many blogs as possible searching to be as well versed as possible in the current culture of Berkeley? Well, I shall enlighten you. I am going to move there. Plain and simple. The reason for moving is not so plain, however. I am moving because my friend David (his blog here), his wife, Corynne (her blog here) and their children (who are too young to have blogs) have been praying for quite some time and have finally decided to start a church in Berkeley. I am moving to help them and serve God.

From now on this blog will include (but not be limited to) fun things I learn, daily life stuff, church events, neat places to go and things to check out in Berkeley. I really hope to bring some new and interesting information to the table.

So, this is what serving the Lord and glorifying His name is probably going to look like from now until further notice: living, working and playing in Berkeley and the surrounding areas. I am excited, anxious to get there, happy, overjoyed, and trusting in God's provision. I have no doubt that the Lord will provide a humble little apartment, a job, a great group of friends and an awesome church until we get ours off the ground.

For more info about the church plant which has been named Sanctuary Berkeley you can find all the information on the website, here.

Go Bears!

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