Monday, May 16, 2011

It's been a while & Moving & Work & Church

It's been a while since my last post, but then again, it's always a long time for me me between posts.


After the three months of commuting 3 hours per day {at least}I have finally moved to Berkeley!!! I love my new little place with the best huge closet, cutest one-bottom kitchen and  cozy little living room.

This is by breakfast bar/ Awesome storage area for knick-nacks/ Cook book storage

This is my itty bitty little kitchen. It's nice because I can just turn around and get what I need rather then take a step or two :)

One piece of moving wisdom: You will be exhausted after a move. I'm not kidding. It's stressful, no matter how awesome or wonderful the place is or how excited you are to be in the new city or how organized you are. I am pooped! After one week of unpacking, unwrapping, moving, lifting, making decisions, making my bed, heaving heavy things up three flights of stairs {of course I choose a 3rd floor walk-up with no elevator} and hosting my family for mother's day, I could sleep for three days and probably sleep some more after that. Point being: make time to sleep, and make sure you remember all the parts for your bed so that you can set it up right away.


My job is awesome. I work with some awesome people who are fantastic at their jobs & a little crazy {my kinda people}. They are all so welcoming and have hurriedly engaged me in events on the weekends, evenings and during lunch to make me feel a part of the team. It's truly a blessing to be working with so many awesome people. {p.s. they are sending me to China for 2 weeks}

This is my little buddy, Xavier {not mine to take home, but when I miss my puppy I lie on the floor with him and cuddle}

This is about a half mile from my house and makes me giggle every morning as I drive to work. Only in Berkeley would they have a Bio-fuel Oasis.


Sanctuary Berkeley is chugging along well {I say that as if I've done this before} but everything honestly seems to be coming along just fine. The Lord is moving and working in our lives ('our' being the church family that God is pulling together). I've mentioned this before, but the only other committed parties are the Escalante family. You can read about the Escalante family's experience here. Every Friday night we meet to pray for the town, the established churches and for the people in the city to be saved.  

Until Sanctuary Berkeley church starts I am attending Regeneration. I have met so many amazing people there who are super hospitiable. It's always awkward being new and hanging out with someone for the first time, but I know it will get easier with time... and persistence.

For mothers day I made this AMAZING banana bread. If you have some brown banana's, you should make it too!

Please let me know if there is anything you need prayer for!


Gregggg said...

You need to post a recipe for that yummy banana bread! Amazing taste given that there's no sugar in it! Right?!?


Bethany said...

Dad- Just click on the word banana bread. :)