Friday, July 29, 2011

Taking in...

So this is a post I've been waiting on for almost a year now!! My good friend Malorie {now Cooper, was Rollings} got married to a lovely Gent, Will, last January. Lets say that I let it slip {alright told everyone- I was boasting...} that I can sew and that I like to make clothes. Will asked me to take in his wedding trousers {or did I offer to??} for the wedding! I said "Of Course!!" and inside I thought {CRAP I'VE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE!!}. Good thing my mother knows how to sew! She gave me the instructions and I followed them.

Here is a dinky tutorial on how to take in trousers:

-Thread that matches the trousers
-Special scissors or a seam ripper
- Sewing machine
- Iron and Ironing Board
- Straight Edge
- White Marking Pencil.

1. You will be taking in the rear seam {the one that runs down the middle of the bottom of the trousers}. Start with the pants inside out.

2. *Gently* rip the seam of the waistband from the inside. The waistband should be folded over and on  less expensive trousers only stitched in a few places.

3. Gently Ripping... You can use a little force.

3. I don't have a traditional seam ripper {I couldn't find my mothers}- I used these handy scissors.

4. Attack this with caution and reverence. Just kidding. This is  how most trousers are finished on the inside of the rear seam of the waist band. You need to unfold this point and take off the belt loops at the rear {save them- they will go back on later}. Do not start ripping the rear seam just yet.

... unfolding...

5. Unfolded.

6. Taking off the belt loops... Don't forget to save!!

7. There will be a small hole from the loops. Do not worry about this. It will most likely get sewn over later.

8. Take the measurements of your victim friend or your own and mark from the original seam how much you will be taking in **READ THIS** For Will we were taking two inches off {his pants weren't too loose} so I marked at one inch from the seam. When taking in pants this way the measurements will be halved. Ex. If you only need one inch off, sew one half inch, three inches sew an inch and a half. Get it?!

9. Using a straight edge I marked a straight line down the waist band following the original seam. 

10. Then draw a curved line following the natural shape of the body until you meet the original seam. This is your pattern. *Note*I ended up having to go back to fix this seam because it puckered a little where the new seam met the old.

11. SEW! Follow the line you just made. Use a normal foot (foot 1 for a Bernina) with a straight stitch. Cut off the excess leaving about 1.5 inches at the waist band for folding.

12. IRON! {this is my favorite thing}. Iron the new hem our flat. (Separate the two pieces of fabric as they were when you started.)

13. Iron back into a point
14. This is where I got fed up with my camera so I stopped taking photos.

15. Iron the waist band back down.

16. Attach the belt loops.  (about 2 inches from the seam on either side.) Using a straight stitch sew across the top and bottom with the top bit and the bottom bit that were previously folded as the guide.

17. Wear and love!


He wanted them to be a little baggy at the bottom. :)
Photo's courtesy of Mrs. Cooper herself and taken masterfully by none other then David Escalante.


Mallorie said...

Looks like minor surgery! So glad you did it, and not I. Thanks again Bethany!

Gregggg said...

Good work! Mom done learned you good!