Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hello, my name is Miss Beefy.

Actually, the only people that I have given permission to call me Miss. Beefy are the members of the Escalante clan, specifically the youngest members (pictures below). I've enjoyed becoming friends with these two lovelies. Corynne and Dave have weekly date nights so I get to play with these guys every week (plus I practically live at the Escalante house, I'm over there so much so they just can't get rid of me). Yes, you should be jealous because they are awesome. Thanks Dave and Corynne for letting me play with your munchkins all the time.

A note to the 

Dearest El and Caiden (or Caidee as I have been instructed to call you),
I really enjoy being your friend. I love that you think my nick name is funny. I’m glad we get to hang out on date nights. I love praying with you guys and listening to all the silly things you guys say. You two are the silliest kids I know.

Caiden, it’s really cute when you cry so I’m sorry I smile and giggle. I can’t help it. It’s also amazing when you pray; It makes my heart really happy to hear how the Lord is teaching you and to see how big you are growing! I like that you like all things tiny. I also love to tell you stories when you are eating to get you to finish your dinner but I love it more when you tell me stories.

El, I love it when you ask me a hundred million questions, you’re really smart and curious and I love that the Lord has given you that spirit. Thanks for trying to teach me Tae Kwon Do and not laughing too hard when I did it all wrong. And thanks for eating the weird food I make and pretending to like it, but it doesn't hurt my feelings if you don't like it. I'll still like you always. I love that you “snort like me” when you laugh.

There are so many more things that I love about you guys, but I want to keep them in my heart, rather then put them here.

You guys are the best.

Miss. Beefy.

Everyone else- Don’t even try to call me Miss. Beefy. I’ll have Elliott take you out with his TKD skills.

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