Thursday, October 20, 2011

Darn this Christmas bug…

I’m really not a scrooge, but I’ve never been much of a budget-er and now that I am living on my own, it seems that all I do is budget (and then break my budget, oops) and then budget again. Christmas just seems to be another thing to budget for. So, when my best friend wrote about her Christmas planning and list making here I got inspired and I made my "Gifts to Get" list (mostly because I want to be able to craft and junk with her). Things are more fun when done in groups, right?

So my list isn’t as long as hers (or as detailed), but I have added two somethings new to the list: Christmas cards and a Christmas tree! Since this is my first year alone I am going to write the cards for people and include a funny picture with them. I hope they are as ridiculous as I want them to be!

I want my tree to look something like this:

Photo Credit

Just kidding… it will probably look more like this:

Original Source Unknown

Covered with these:
And oodles of tinsel. Seriously. Oodles.


Doug said...

I don't decorate at all for Christmas. I haven't gotten a Christmas tree at all in any of the years I've been living on my own. :)

Corynne Escalante said...

you would!

Gregggg said...

Maybe I can bring you a tree from Mt. Shasta when I go up to shut the house down next month!

Mom said...

You'll have to pick up your ornament box when you come up.

Bethany said...

Doug- that's just sad.
Cryn- That just happened.
Dad- That would be neat! But I kinda want to pick it out...
Mom- yes, please.