Monday, October 10, 2011

Learning to be okay today.

Today I am learning to love the Lord by myself. Someday I will learn to love the Lord being in a relationship, being a fiancée, being a wife, being a mother. But that day isn’t today. That day isn’t tomorrow and that day isn’t conceivably in the “near future”. Today is the day that the Lord has made. Today the Lord has made me single. Today the Lord has made me love Him. Today the Lord answered my prayers. Today the Lord is faithful. Today the Lord is kind. Today the Lord fed me, clothed me, gave me shelter and made me to rest in Him. Today I am learning what it looks like to love the Lord. Today is truly a good day.

Today I am learning what it is to be a woman, serving the Lord confidently. Confidant in His provision. Confidant in His love. Confidant in His Spirit. Confidant in His promises. Today I am learning what it is to be a lover of His word, a giver or His grace and a showcase for His gospel. 

Yes, I mess up. Yes, I'm imperfect. Yes, I'm going to try my best and fail. But, that's okay. The Lord has already done everything perfectly so that my sin has been paid for. Jesus is the be-all and end-all of my life. Jesus is it, period. I can't add anything, I can't subtract anything. It's just Jesus Christ. It's that simple.

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