Monday, October 17, 2011

Mantra's are stupid & Post-it's are amazing.

Lately I've been accidentally reverting to my old yogi thinking of doing Mantra's. I've realized that the real purpose of modern day mantra's (i.e. I think i'm beautiful; I love my boyfriend; My kids aren't driving me nuts) mantra is trick yourself into believing something that is false. Really the only "mantra" that should be helpful is the gospel & scripture.

When I am not thinking about Christ my mantra is:
"I love customer service, I love customer service, I love customer service"

*Honestly, that just makes me more mad then I was before.

When I realize that I'm sinning in my anger/ passive aggressive sigh's and that I should be focused on Christ I see this:

*Honestly, I don't miraculously feel physically better (still suffering from exhaustion symptoms, as I wrote about here) after repeating this verse but my mind and my heart are focused on Christ *which is my desired outcome* (to have an attitude change). Not to mention, it's really helpful to me have the post-it note system for bible verses on my computer since I spend so many hours here.

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Gregggg said...

OK...But you ARE beautiful...