Monday, October 17, 2011

The Third Weekend in October

Really, there isn't anything special about the third weekend in October for me- I just wanted a hip blog title.

This is what I did last weekend:
Got my hurr did.
Drove home (safely)
Harassed Snoop Kitty.

Went to Cesar Chavez park at the Marina.
Ate a Picnic Dinner with the Escalante's (sans forks)
Watched the sun set.

Oogled the Campanile from my roof.

Snapped a Creeper Photo with my NEW iPhone 4s.

Walked and talked with the little girl.

Checked out the campus.

Things not pictured:
- Set up my new iPhone & spent 2 hours at the genius bar downloading Snow Leopard so that I can hook my phone up with my
- Skipped church to have breakfast with the Escalante's and their friends
- Drank bluebottle coffee (not that big of a fan)
- Tried really hard to convince everyone to go shopping with me
- Talked with Selby for a while (Wedding crisis averted)

Things from my to-do list that I didn't do:
- Clean my house
- Grocery shop
- Do dishes

You can see where my priorities lie...

What did you do this weekend?!

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