Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This blog affirms that food can be is sexy. Read these descriptions and feast your eyes on the photographs and all you will want is whatever this chef makes. I want to actually read her cook book... does she have a cook book?

Anyhow, this makes me want to blow my diet.

Speaking of my diet:

I don't think I've lost any weight, but my body feels strong and I am starting to like the way my tummy looks {I don't think I've told anyone written about this on the blog, but my tummy is the part of my body that I am most self-conscious about. I like my body well enough but I just wish there were less tummy to like}

I've been eating mostly alright. Halloween kinda messed me up with all the chocolate. Also I found an almond ice cream that tastes like amaretto cookies (yum!) so I've been keeping that at Corynne's house so that I don't have access to it all the time in the middle of the night. It's really yummy.

Speaking of Halloween:

We had a picnic in a graveyard for our "Trunk or Treat" Decor.  A B-Boy and Clark Kent helped me. 

I was Marilyn Monroe.

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