Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lunch rules!

I love lunch. Usually I reheat some homemade soup (chicken & vegetable). I make up the entire recipe each time. Sometimes it’s more of a stew, others it’s really soupy. Today it’s a little more soupy with lots of squash, potatoes, kale, corn, beans and lentils. Oh, and there is some chicken in there too. It’s so good on a cold day!

yummy soup, terrible photo. oops!

There are two connotations to the title; to tell you how awesome lunch is and how I’ve come up with rules for my lunch time. There are only two, so it’s pretty simple to remember:
1.       If I have one hour for lunch I must spend at least 30 minutes moving (dancing, walking, exercising)
2.       While I am nuking my lunch I will do squats.

Okay, I gave my insecurities about my body to God a while ago, however I still want to be healthy. I’ve come to an understanding that just because I am trying not to have insecurities about my body doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t take care of it (duh). SO in that case, I’m back to move moreand eat less (and actually doing it- I didn't lose the 20lbs that I wanted to- and that's okay but confusing, because I do eat very healthfully and hardly eat flour [is this as bad as everyone says it is?] and move A LOT but still lost nothing...).

Off to take a walk now!

How to squat, in case you don't know already:

My new Post-it note (to help me not eat mindlessly):

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