Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I have picked a decor theme for my apartment.

After much inspiration searching and design absorbing I have picked a "theme" for my apartment: Industrial Vintage.

My tastes have changed and evolved a lot since I started "collecting" things. Most of the stuff that I have now I don't love as much as I used to. I'm hoping that I will be able to work all of these things into some semblance of the cuteness that I see in my mind.

Right now my apartment is FULL of junk that I don't use/ don't need and I am going to get rid of a lot of it by Thursday (that's a goal- I won't be heart broken if it doesn't happen) and fill my apartment chalk full of new and more functional things. My only rule: things MUST be donated before any form of shopping/ bringing things into my house is allowed to happen.

These are some of the  things I want or have inspired me:

Ektorp love seat found at Ikea.

Rast nightstands from Ikea. Idea and photo from Apartment Therapy. These will house my shoe problem. I''ll stain them very dark.

Awesome vintage/ industrial fan. Found this little beauty over at Amazon.

Hand made afghans. These beautiful granny squares are made by  Rebekka at Dear Friend,. I'm thinking of knitting one or two.

I swooned when I saw this beautiful shelving unit. It is made by  Killer B. Designs

This little lovely will be my new coat rack. I've been wanting one of these for a while. I will leave the galvanized pipe unpainted and the wood will be stained dark to match the RAST stuff. I found the tutorial over at Hrrrthrrr.

I really want an awesome file cabinet. I found this one via google on tini.  Or maybe I'll get a metal one and spray paint a stencil on it... hmmm...
I think I'm going to do this or something like it on my nightstand drawer faces.  This is also from Hrrrthrrr.

I am so inspired by Elise over at A Beautiful Mess. She recently was married and has been doing a home tour. I have been totally inspired by the way that she combines all of these pieces. 
I love these Terrariums. I feel like I wouldn't kill this and I really love how cute these are... I can think of one vase that is awkwardly sized for flowers but PERFECT for something like this. These little beauties are made by Emma over at Food Coma.

I was also inspired by this post at apartment therapy about getting rid of boxes that you do not need anymore. Ahh, purging.

I am planning on painting my coffee table and a bookshelf white. I am hoping to have this finished before Sanctuary Berkeley starts Sunday morning services in 4 weeks (what?! crazy awesome *happy squeals*) and I have people spending the night at my abode. I'm also hoping to host a bible study and prayer night or weekly crafting night so I definitely want to have less clutter in my space and more function. I am excited to see what my home will look like once it's done and I'm excited to have house guests warming my home on a weekly basis... That reminds me... I am going to need more quilts for the air mattress...

Hopefully I'll have some great updates and photos to share!

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