Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wedding Season (sort of a catch up post).

In my life, wedding season is over on Saturday with the wedding for which I am the Maid of Honor.


My friends Madalyn and Andrew were married on the 11th in Oakland. Their ceremony was AWESOME because they are quite humorous and their ceremony truly reflected their personalities. They incorporated aspects of Shakespearian acting (they attendants were dramatis personae, we were the audience, the pastor was the narrator) it was really interesting.

Then the next weekend my friends Michelle and Patrick were married. Their relationship has been a testament of trusting in the Lord and true love for one another. The way that they have grown together in the Lord is just such a sweet testimony to the way that the Lord works.

Michelle and I became friends after she moved from Southern California to Santa Rosa a few years ago. Every time we get together, I leave feeling encouraged, loved and blessed. I am so happy for their marriage.

Last weekend I did get to hop over to Michelle's house and she let me pilfer some of her wedding décor. Man-o-man do I feel like a lucky lady. The stuff was gorgeous! This is a link to some photos from their wedding. Their photographer, Sun and Sparrow Photography did an amazing job!  You can see how many lovely things they did have and make for their beautiful wedding. (and the lovely couple)


On Saturday the countdown to the last wedding ends. Jon and Selby will be married. I can’t wait to see what everything will look like all together. I can’t wait to meet the rest of the bridesmaids and hang out with the wedding party after the wedding. I’ll be posting plenty of cell phone pics after I’m sure.


I do have the pictures back from the bridal shower I threw for Selby. I’ll share some of the décor shots later this week.

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