Monday, March 5, 2012

Why do I take forever to update this thing & my cousin came to town.

Since I was a little MIA for the last few months I am going to be posting way too many a few updates this week to fill in for the last few months.

Most of these posts involve my “off” days from my diet. Don’t judge.

Okay, you can judge, but I did get this workout DVD and have been fairly diligent with it (3-4 times per week- I can already see definition in my legs). You may laugh at this, my friends have already. I hate actual working out but I love dancing, so this makes me actually want to work out. I trick myself into doing it. I’m really sneaky.


My cousin Kelly and her fiancé, Grayson, came from Texas. This is what happened.

We went to a bar in SF

Kelly and I at the bar.
We went to the beach in Bodega for whale watching. My sister, Paloma, and her boyfriend, Justin, came with us. It was chilly but a LOT of fun.

Paloma, Kelly and me. 

Kelly and Grayson.

Paloma and Justin

My feet.
My dad made biscuits and we ate them with poached eggs. (ohmygosh these are amazing). I don’t know what recipe he uses, but look in the comments. I’m sure he will leave a link. 

Oh, yeah.

We went to Russian River Brewery for lunch. It was yummy but hard to eat there with a dairy allergy. 

My mother told me that I should try internet dating. I think she was half joking, half serious. (I prayed about it and decided that it’s not for me.)

Sometimes I do choose to suffer from my allergic reaction (stuffy nose and headache) for my love of sweets. This is from Sift, it's a cupcake bakery in Sonoma County. They have a few stores and I really enjoy this acai berry flavored cupcake. We bought the cupcakes then went to the Flying Goat to eat them. Coffee & cupcakes, what a sweet (pun intended) end to a sweet weekend.

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Kelly Rose said...

This is so cute, I love it! We had a blast with you. Here's to many more visits in the near future :)

Love you!