Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to Use Social Media to Get an Internship.

A lot has changed in these last few months. The short of it is I moved back home, started school to get a certificate in Wine Business and Marketing, I work in the tasting room for a winery and am working for an AWESOME marketing firm as one of their interns. I don't mean to brag... but guuuuurl, my life is awesome right now.

If you're looking for an internship I want to give you some tips to make the search more fun, more memorable for your employers and make the whole process more interesting for you.

1) Follow, follow, follow.
Use social media and search for people that would influence you. Follow them.

2) Stalk 'em.
Yes, stalk these people.. online, not in real life. don't be creepy. Get to know what they do, what they like, if you will get along with them, etc.

3) Say hi.
A simple "hello" in real life and online goes a long way.

4) Stick your neck out and ask for what you want.
That's what I did. It worked. Sure, I got some "no's" but this "yes" was so worth it.

5) Be reliable, focused, be able to back up your claims. 
If you say you're going to do something, do it.


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Shana Ray said...

It took us about a month to meet in person - but you were persistant and that is exactly what we needed!