Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kitchen Wisdom.

Hog Wild's Twirling Spaghetti Fork.

When I was growing up I was surrounded by amazing Italian food and amazing Italian people. Along with odd family quirks, a die-hard love for the San Francisco Giants and a hip-y figure I was blessed with tons of  kitchen wisdom. These are five of my favorites:

1. Be adventurous. You're never going to  figure out your signature dish without taking a risk! Go on little one, just do it!

2. Read the recipe before you start... twice. You don't want to end up burning your tripple chocolate chip cookies that you have labored over for three hours just because you didn't double check the oven temperature.

3. Never buy a tool that only does one job. My kitchen in Berkeley was so tiny and I couldn't afford the space to have a million tools lying around (except my mocha pot, one-job-per-tool coffee things are always allowed), so this became my rule since I have a weakness for gadgets.

4. Make your own tomato sauce (at least some of the time). This is the first thing I remember making at my aunts house. I asked her to teach me how to make "all of the sauces" (red, blush, white and everything in between).  My red sauce with ox tail is now my signature dish over polenta with sausage.

5. Check the expiration dates. Milk should not be chunky. Enough Said.

P.s. I want to start putting my favorite recipes up on this thing. We will see if I actually do it. Maybe I should try blogging consistently first...

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